L.A. Cocktails & Conversations | Creative Women’s Co. August 2018

I'm so excited to announce that I will be hosting an event with Creative Women's Co. Thursday, August 23rd! Join us along with other creative women like yourself for our very special evening event Cocktails & Conversation. Bring a friend or come alone for a casual intimate networking at one of our favorite L.A. spots Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood.

The idea of this event is to create an inspiring and collaborative community for women entrepreneurs. The event will be an intimate get together with a max of 8 women. Our goal is to gather quarterly for other events such as brunch mini-workshops, speed mentoring and panel events. Future events are each limited to 10-12 women (total including the host/co-host) in order to create an intimate environment, so it’s less like meeting up with random professionals but more like seeing friends. We hope you will join us!

Details and registration

Strong brand positioning is critical. Why?

We love nothing more than helping clients nail their brand positioning. Why? Because it’s transformative for their business. It’s an amazing moment of clarity when businesses take the time to dig deep into what makes them different and why it matters to their customers. Once they begin to do this, meaningful value sets them apart from their competition.


Here are 4 questions all businesses should ask themselves to see if their brand is positioned for success.

Is your brand positioned…
1. to compete?
2. to help people value your brand? 
3. to make informed decisions? 
4. to stand apart?

"Differentiation in today’s overcrowded market-place is critical for growth and for businesses to cut through the clutter to survive. As a result, you must take the time to get it right. Focusing on it is the best way to ensure your business is positioned for sustained growth. And for your brand, focusing on positioning is the best way to find a meaningful space in the hearts and minds of the people vital to your success." Tracy Lloyd, Emotive Brand