Igniting a health & wellness brand with style and fun.



Thrive On

scope of work

Discovery/Strategy, Creative Direction, UX, Visual Design, Collateral



Thrive On is online community for everybody. We built a brand that would honor and empower a user's journey toward personal growth and well-being. No matter your age or fitness level, Thrive On offers support that will work for everyone. Our challenge was to gain clarity on the business goals, create a defined strategy and then build a brand from the ground up. 


What we accomplished:



We first conducted a workshop to gain insight into the core users of the community. Brainstorming  together with the business team, we clarified the brand’s strategy, profiled their target audience and defined the company values.



To grab the audience’s attention, we had to go vibrant. We created an identity that engaged by its use of bold colors throughout site: styled typographical composition, desaturated photography contrasted against playful icons and a positive vibe throughout. We created a fresh new identity and a website that dares to defy the norm.