Making medical device branding more human

(You can also include banking, law firms & most professional services as well)

As you browse the web today looking at one institutional website after another you’ll notice that many of them have been left behind gathering dust with images of their products and employees in tiny little thumbnails. The content is usually straightforward and listed through a series of bland bullet points. Many of them do a decent job at presenting their information and services, but the connection to the customer is weak. In today’s clutter you need to stand out from the crowd and your organization needs to take it up a notch from a pretty color palette, logo and stock images.

If this sounds like your business, you would benefit from a new branding approach. What is that approach? For example, if you are selling a medical device—a hard, metal product that has the visual interest of a speck on the wall—how do you create a story around it so that it connects to your customer in a meaningful way?

You do this by connecting to people through their emotions. How does this product or service change their life? It should be all about them, not just the product. To do this your company needs to create a presence that resonates emotionally.

We call this making connections that transcend logic

We do this by uncovering your company’s true purpose, meaning and goals. We research and get to know your clients, customers and users to find out what you mean to them and why they are loyal. With this information in mind, we help you create a brand that resonates with your customers so that you connect with them on a deeper emotional level.

Infusing emotion into every touch-point is key for professional services and products

Every touch-point and experience your company puts out should influence how your customer feels. When selling a medical device or banking transaction, keep in mind, it’s not just about the data points and percentages. In today’s world of marketing, it’s about selling ideals, values and purpose. Your brand needs to speak with a real voice that is authentic. Give your customers more meaning and that will set you apart from the crowd. It can be done. Even if you are selling a service such as uterine fibroid embolization. Tough sell, but done right can be a marketing powerhouse.

To see examples of professional services/product branding, please connect with us. Rebecca Heinemann works with clients such as Boston Scientific and Nuance Communications to help infuse human emotion into their brands, let us help you to make your rational story more compelling as well.

The details of a successful brand rollout

There are a few behind the scenes details that will help your company have a successful brand rollout. Of course, there are the basics which encompass hiring a great branding agency who will help you create a purpose-driven brand. But with this article, I'm going to take it a step further because sometimes it's the little details the put a big bump in the road. The 3 things you need to think about is: planning, communicating and implementing.

Let's get planning

Rollouts take careful planning and the more you plan in advance the smoother it will go. Without setting goals and expectations I have seen the train crash before it's even left the station. Internal employees can quickly get frustrated if they don't feel they are a part of the plan and also know when and why it's happening. At CraftWell we utilize the following in order to set expectations.

  • Implement a strong brand rollout by setting clear goals for c-suite executives/stakeholders and draft a phased Communications Plan.
  • Execute and stay on top of a communications spreadsheet, so that all key stakeholders are aware of the various aspects of the process.
  • Plan the order and method in which your new brand is delivered. Optimal planning with Project Timelines can be leveraged to create enthusiasm and engage new customers.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

The more you manage the conversation around your rebrand, the more the launch will go exactly as you envisioned. Consider the following:

  • Get talking to your customers, staff, internal stakeholders about the upcoming rebrand.
  • Create excitement among staff, they are your most powerful ambassadors. Include them in your Communications Plan and communicate early and often with updates.
  • Educate the staff on the use and application of the brand across any medium. Guidelines and Digital Asset Management should be clearly defined.
  • Build excitement with pre-launch tactics such as newsletters and social media

Time to get to work and implement

  • Identify a Guardian of the Brand to oversee new brand guidelines and that technical specs are adhered to as materials are being produced by vendors.
  • Identify a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the project timeline for all moving parts and materials being executed.
  • Identify all touchpoints and conduct a full Content + Asset Audit to see what materials need to be updated.
  • Be sure to not only update external materials (business cards, website, social media, third-party websites, promotional materials) but there are all the internal details as well. From PowerPoint presentation templates to email signatures and beyond, the list can seem long. But it's imperative that your organization looks buttoned up. The faster you can do this all at once the better. You want your customers to see the company as reliable and organized.
When developing the strategy, it’s crucial to remember people don’t care about names or logos – they care about how the rebrand is going to positively change their experience with your the same time, most people fight change. Make sure you’re not leaving behind the things people love about your company. You must articulate why this is better – explain they’ll still get the parts they already love plus new, exciting benefits.
— Shannon Fitzgerald, brand strategist. Source: Business News Daily

How CraftWell sets the bar

Here's our checklist of important details and deliverables.

  • Communication Plan
  • Project Timelines
  • Grand Project Plan
  • Content & Asset Audit
  • Guidelines training for staff and vendors
  • Special projects for pre-launch awareness

Remember: the more momentum and excitement you can build, the more likely people are to engage and get behind the change.

CraftWell is available to help with your next rebrand and rollout. Connect with us to learn more about how we can ensure a smooth transition.