The CraftWell Collective model is the future of the industry...

At CraftWell, we are building a community of agency freelance creatives where they can thrive in their work as well as their lives. We are free from permanent office desks, flexible in our approach, yet highly driven to succeed at our craft. We work hard and play even harder. It's in our DNA to work with passion, but we also take time to balance our energy and rejuvenate our creative juices. 

How do we do it?

— Staffed with seasoned agency talent
— Flexibility to work from any city in the U.S.
— Our work is project based
— A community of like-minded industry creatives who want to work on brands that are making difference in the community
— We seek out brave clients who are looking for partners not just producers
— Work together to win projects and clients that matter to us

Who is part of the Collective?

We are always looking to connect with creatives who want to collaborate, network and win new clients. Are you a powerhouse photographer, designer, copywriter, developer, project manager, or brand strategist? (Or perhaps you have a talent we haven't heard about?)  If you are looking to work with a premium design agency duo (Rebecca + Erick) that is purpose-driven in it's approach, then come join our collective and let's make change happen.

We want to hear from you. Connect with us and be a part of the Collective.

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