5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Refresh

Today’s brands are drowning in a sea of clutter and noise. More than anything they need a clear voice to be heard and they need to be brave in their approach. How do they do it? See five reasons below as to why your brand may need a brand refresh.

1)  Brands that stand out from the rest are purpose driven

The past is full of brands that mattered by being better, faster, or cheaper than their competitors. The ones that succeed take it a step further—they make an emotional connection and proactively orient themselves around an authentic purpose. For example take a look at The Honest Company. Their brand is mission driven and everything they do is guided by 8 principles that have a positive impact on the world. Their values range from a culture of honesty to paying it forward. Today, consumers know they can get what they want, when they want it and so now they shop for brands that align also with their value systems. What does your brand believe in?

2) The most powerful brands make connections that transcend logic

What makes a brand exceptional, while others lose steam? The answer is straight-forward. To stand out, the best brands make connections that transcend logic. How do you create a lasting connection that becomes more than a one-time purchase? How does a brand create a lasting relationship that can’t be filled by anyone else? There are 3 key ingredients - We call them love, empathy and authenticity.

At CraftWell, we look deeply at how your brand might be loved. Is it in the founder’s deep commitment to building a better product or maybe it’s how your core audience relates to your product.

Then we bring in empathy and listen to your audience’s pain points. Pain points are where the nuggets of opportunity are. How can we hear your audience and acknowledge their needs?

Lastly, we look at authenticity. You can’t be something you are not. Consumers are too savvy today. The internet provides a wealth of information on your brand, your product and your reputation. Brands need to be themselves. Truth is everything. Let’s find it.

With these 3 key ingredients, LOVE, EMPATHY and AUTHENTICITY, a meaningful brand story is crafted. By investigating and digging deep into a brand, ultimately a story emerges that is unique and individual and voila a brand purpose is also born. Do you have one? If not, you need it for your customers as well as your employees so they can rally around it.

3) It's not just about a good looking logo

A logo is just one tiny piece of the branding pie. And even here I’ve seen companies fail. They hire a designer that only thinks of creating some eye candy. Companies need to think big picture. A brand is many moving parts. There is not only the logo but more importantly your brand is the way your customer perceives you. It must be infused at every touch-point…everything from your website experience to the way your employees speak about your company to the way your customers experience them as well.

Think customer experience from end to end. All points of contact need to have your brand infused.

4) Great brands embrace complexity

If we begin thinking about branding the entire customer experience that then leads us to embracing a world of complexity. Brand touch-points have exploded within the last few years because of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Customers are talking about your brand to each other in ways that they couldn’t before. A strong brand utilizes these platforms and has a voice within them. 

5) Is your brand motivating your employees and leading them?

Lastly, think from the inside out and don’t forget that your employees are your biggest cheerleaders. Do they know your brand values and believe in them? When making decisions or talking to customers do they have core values to fall back on or do they waste time arguing about the best way to get things done? When employees believe in the core tenants of your brand, they are led by a leader, work more efficiently and are happier.

Is it time for your brand to evolve? If so, let us help you. From brand strategy to design we are here to discuss how to get your brand ignited. Email Rebecca@CraftWellStudio.com and we’ll connect with you to do a free consultation.