American Fertility Expo - Brand refresh with a modern twist



American Fertility Expo

scope of work

Discovery/Strategy, Creative Direction, Visual Design, Collateral, Website, Conference Posters and Merchandise, Brand Story



American Fertility Expo made it their mission to help struggling individuals and couples with the most important milestone of their lives – becoming a parent. CraftWell believed in this mission as well and wanted to help them refine and define their brand so that their voice would be heard loud and clear. Through a discovery and strategy session we created a brand platform and a style guide that they could move forward with for years to come.


What we accomplished:



We first conducted a workshop to gain insight into the core audience that might attend the American Fertility Expo (AFE). Brainstorming  together with the founder of AFE, we refined the brand’s strategy, profiled their target audience and created a brand platform for AFE to build on.



Once a brand platform was developed, CraftWell also took the opportunity to help AFE develop their voice and an authentic brand story. Your story is what connects you to clients – it makes you memorable, differentiates you, breathes life into your brand, and incites a connection from your target client. In today’s cluttered market place it is more imperative than ever to have a clear message and a brand story that sets you apart from the competition.



For this particular customer, we had to go modern yet warm. We created an identity that connected to their audience by the use of a targeted color palette using greens and blue (life giving) and pinks and yellows (warm and nurturing) colors. We focused on desaturated photography contrasted against playful icons and a warm energy throughout. AFE now had a visual style guide to use with all of their materials—from website to business cards to conference posters, the style guide could be used to create all future materials for years to come.