This was an exciting opportunity to be involved in designing the branding for the AMD Expo. Design muscles were flexed and we showed that, beyond a digital screen, we understand how the brand extends into an experiential space.



George P. Johnson
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

scope of work

Discovery/Strategy, Creative Direction, UX, Visual Design, Experiential Design



Create a patient-centric therapy awareness campaign for women centered around treatment education, self-referrals and physician discussion.


What we accomplished:



Partnered with the internal Boston Scientific strategy team to create a memorable, innovative, over-arching brand and experience that raised awareness for UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization) and the treatment options available. 



We identified a place where Boston Scientific could make a difference in women’s lives and move the needle. The community has elevated general awareness of UFE as an alternative to a hysterectomy.




Educated woman on the features and benefits of UFE as a safe and effective treatment option. UFE is a non-surgical alternative for treating fibroids.